Finally, a trailer sent through that looks like it has a lot of potential as an entire feature.

Broken Circle Breakdown is the new film by Felix Van Groeningen, which depicts the relationship of bluegrass singers Elise and Didier. We see their story unfold from love at first sight, through to getting married, pregnant, and then ultimately separating; all of which is shown to the melody of a beautiful, somewhat harrowing bluegrass melody.

As someone who is not all that familiar with Van Groeningen’s work, I had to do a little bit of research. To date he has directed four features over the past nine years, all of which explore the intricate development of obscure, offbeat characters. This has lead to comparisons between him and Lars Von Trier, although with the former being a much more mellow creator. Just from reading the synopses of his work, I was hooked on seeing his latest directorial outing.

…All we can ascertain is that this couple are going to see hard times…

Overall, the trailer does not give that much away with regards to what characters are like. We see Elise and Didier’s relationship, but we do not know whether Didier is a crass character, or someone who bends over backwards for his women. There is no revelation as to why, in the trailer, Elise leaves the house in anger. All we can ascertain is that this couple are going to see hard times, and it is their interaction that is going to make or break whether they stay together.

 Recently I was privileged enough to go and watch the Coen Brothers’ new film Inside Llewyn Davis, a film that explores a week in the life of a folk singer in Greenwich Village in 1961. Broken Circle Breakdown, although set to a different tune and for a longer period, reminds me a great deal of Llewyn Davis, and I hope that many more people will make the comparison and want to see the work of the lesser known director.

Just from the trailer you can see that this film was made with love and attention, and I only hope that, over time, it gets the credit that it deserves.


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