Good news for action thriller fans! A new movie with a successful cast is going to be ready in UK cinemas on 24th January 2014.

Based on Tom Clancy’s fictional character Jack Ryan, this movie brings a number of well-known actors together: Chris Pine (Jack Ryan), Keira Knightley (Cath Ryan), Kevin Costner (William Harper) and Kenneth Branagh (Viktor Cherevin) who is also the director of the movie.

The trailer of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit begins with a scene in which the tension is high since in the first seconds you see and hear that someone is trying to kill Jack Ryan.

…this is a big challenge for Jack Ryan…

However this should not be surprising for someone leading a double-life. Jack Ryan may seem to be an executive in New York but he is actually involved in CIA. When he reveals a plan that can destroy US economy and cause an international crisis, his adventure begins.

His handler William Harper (Kevin Spacey) warns him from the first seconds and hints that this is not going to be an easy job. Soon his fiancee Cath (Keira Knightley) is introduced in the trailer and it seems that she does not know much about Jack Ryan’s secret life. However, obviously she will get involved in the adventure since the trailer shows her whilst she is trying to keep Viktor Cherevin (Kenneth Branagh) busy. Also, she clearly expresses that she wants to help. Unfortunately, it seems that she is kidnapped at one point. Hence, this is a big challenge for Jack Ryan. He not only needs to stop the evil plans but also keep the people he cares safe.

…The trailer says “deception is a game” and “trust is an illusion”…

Apart from these, there are various action scenes in the trailer. It might be considered that the action will not stop throughout the movie. Explosions, car crashes, guns, chasing, threats can be all found in this American action. Even though this movie appears to have many action-movie-cliches, there might be some twists. The trailer says “deception is a game” and “trust is an illusion”. So, should Jack Ryan trust people around him? Definitely not, yet maybe it will be too late when he notices this fact.

For the ones who like action thriller movies, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit may be a good option to see. By the way, if anyone might want to check, there are other Jack Ryan movies that were made before. It is not possible to say if the writers could create a good script without watching it. However, the audience should not doubt that Kenneth Branagh’s talent and experiences must have contributed to the movie a lot.



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