My first introduction to Mr. Peabody and Sherman came through one of the Simpsons’ Treehouse Of Horror episodes, where Homer travels through time:


Homer: “I’m the first human to travel through time.”

Mr. Peabody: “Correction, Homer, you’re the second.”

Sherman: “That’s right Mr. Peabody.”

Mr. Peabody: “Quiet you!”


And with that introduction also came the biggest laugh that the mismatched time-travelling couple seem to be able to produce, as the new trailer looks, well, decidedly average.

For those unaware of the concept of Mr. Peabody, here is a summary. He is the world’s smartest being, that happens to be a dog, that decides he wants to be a parent, so he adopts a child, who happens to be an idiot that often gets him into trouble. And, then, hilarity ensues… Hopefully.

…the pair must travel back in time to fix Sherman’s mistake of altering the history of the world…

So, with their debut feature outing, the pair must travel back in time to fix Sherman’s mistake of altering the history of the world, which happened in his attempts to impress a girl. The gags are few and far between, with the majority of the humour coming from double-crossing history (using a small Trojan horse to break into the Trojan horse), it presents itself as a dull piece of cinema that will appeal to only the youngest of children, and parents who want to pretend that they are teaching their children about history. In all honesty, they might as stick in the first Bill & Ted. It will be funnier, cheaper, and probably more historically accurate.

The only saving grace for this film is Mr. Peabody’s voice actor, Ty Burrell. The man is most famous for playing the lovable, idiotic dad, Phil, in Modern Family, who is at his funniest when acting upper class and putting on his “posh” voice. As this is the voice he uses for the title character, I cannot help but titter when thinking back to the TV show I love so much. His supposedly hilarious one-liners, which leave Sherman dumbfounded and the audience groaning at its simplicity then spoil this façade, as it becomes clear that we are watching the trailer for a film that could have been great, but instead only seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman is released in the UK on February 7.



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