So far this week, I have been very, very negative in my film reviews. There may be an underlying reason for this, but primarily it is because I have not seen a film, or a trailer review, which has inspired me to write kind things. And now, as I get to Need For Speed, nothing has changed and I’m going to keep this review as short as possible.

I’m a huge fan of the Need For Speed games, with “Underground 2” being my particular favourite. In fact, many of my teenage years were spent driving around a computer-generated track/street. But, when the news came out about the upcoming film, there was nothing but a “meh” that escaped me. It’s going to be a rich man’s Fast And The Furious, and a poor man’s Drive. They have wedged in a your classic (read: boring) character development of ex-convict, and they have put on this over-the-top personal vendetta voiceover in the trailer, which reminded me of the sorts of films I was making with people in college.

Overall, there are only going to be three reasons why this film sells. 1) People will compare it to The Fast And The Furious. 2) People love the games so much and will want to see the film’s comparison. 3) It has Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad’s Jesse) as the protagonist.

Preview over. The film is going to be awful.



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