Taken 2, The Grey, Unknown, Battleship, and the recently announced Taken 3 – these are just some of the reasons why audiences should stop watching Liam Neeson movies altogether, or at least, those where he has got a one of the pivotal roles. And so, with the trailer being released on his new film Non-Stop, it looked like another film was to be added to the list. Or so it originally seemed.

The film follows the story of Bill Marks, a U.S. Air Marshall, whose flight from New York to London gets apprehended by an unknown assailant, who demands $150,000,000 or else someone on the plane dies every twenty minutes. But soon after Marks has relayed this information to the flight’s captain, it is revealed that the account for the money transfer is in Marks’s name. Dum-dum-dum! Now Marks must battle against the unknown killer that, for some reason, has a personal vendetta (although, after Unknown, the ‘twist’ could be that he actually is the threat), the ever-paranoid-since-9/11 passengers, and the U.S Air Force, in order to bring the plane to safety and save the day once again.

…this will in fact be another addition to the terrible-but-good action films that have been hitting the screens of late…

NonStop 1

This is never, ever going to be a film that pushes boundaries with narrative genius or character development. That ship set sail for Liam many years ago. Instead, what it presents is an intriguing whodunit, whereby the audience is left guessing as to what is going on. Well, so the trailer presents. In all likelihood, after the first twenty minutes of Non-Stop, the only remaining question on audiences’ minds will be “I wonder if Liam’s character has lost his wife or daughter in this one.” The trailer certainly doesn’t give that doozy away. But we can all remain hopeful that this will in fact be another addition to the terrible-but-good action films that have been hitting the screens of late.

We can hope for from this is that the acting is good, the special effects live up to the recent heights that other movies have reached, and that the fight scenes are nowhere near as slow and as badly choreographed as they were with Taken 2. If the previous statements are all true, then the film could well be very exciting for all. It runs very, very close to being dubbed a terrible blend of, Air Force One and Ten Little Indians, but I’m putting my money on this being both watchable and enjoyable.

Non-Stop is released in the UK on February 28.



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