Just released is the new trailer for the early 2014 Robocop reboot. So far fan opinion is divided – is this pointless sacrilege or an exciting update? – but this trailer has me starting to get excited.

It looks as if the story is going to differ from the original in a few key ways, with Murphy now dying in a car bomb, and some kind of stealth fighter attack which may be inspired by the original film’s (completely execrable) sequels. So far there’s no sign of psycho crime boss Clarence Boddicker, but that might be for the best – straight rehashes of classic scenes and characters are usually disappointing.  ED-209s (plural) are in evidence and there seem to be two forms of Robocop’s suit, a silver one which closely follows the original film’ design, and a sleeker black version which brings to mind recent computer games like Call Of Duty and Dead Space.

Murphy is being played by Swedish up-and-comer Joel Kinnaman (he’s been impressive in TV series The Killing) and there’s some serious megastar wattage in the supporting cast: Samuel L Jackson is the messianic head of evil über-corp OCP, Michael Keaton is born to play a soulless exec and Gary Oldman appears to be the conscience of the project. The trailer also hints at a continuation of some of the social commentary of the original film, with nods to US foreign policy and political correctness. All in all, it’s shaping up to be an enjoyable popcorn blockbuster. One thing which is missing from the trailer is any humour – there were plenty of funny moments in the original film, so let’s hope this new iteration has some laughs as well.

Check out the new trailer below:



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