Three best friends, relationships and comedy! After watching the trailer of That Awkward Moment, these are the words that will remain in your mind.

Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller play three best friends, all with contrasting personalities, which will undoubtedly contribute to the jokes and comedy in the movie. In general, the movie focuses on a very common theme that is the route of the relationships, as in one moment each protagonist questions where their relationship is going. Hence, the movie’s title, That Awkward Moment, suits to its plot very well, because that moment of questioning is generally not normal but rather awkward. In addition, the trailer seems to be promising that there will be a number of other scenes that are full of other equally awkward scenarios.

The trailer begins with a funny argument among the friends and gives hints about the characters. Jason (Zac Efron) seems to be the cool leader of the team. Daniel (Miles Teller) is the funny but know-it-all member of the group. Lastly, Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) looks like the sensible one as you might infer from “Bridget Jones joke” in the first seconds. No matter what they think about the girls and how they call their relationships or affairs, it is obvious that nothing will go on as they have planned. The dialogues, comments and gazes of three characters prove this. As the trailer says, “No matter what you call it, you can’t ignore it”. It is obvious that though they would want to act according to their reason and just live the moment, their feelings are likely to prevail the reason.

…there seems to be some cheesy jokes and dialogue…

In general, That Awkward Moment looks like a classic, American, bachelor comedy. Even though it is not a movie that will change your life forever, it may be a good option to have fun and laugh. It is not easy for this kind of American comedies to achieve originality because there have been so many for years. In That Awkward Moment, there seems to be some cheesy jokes and dialogue, for example; the “cocktail” joke at the end of the trailer. But one has to admit, despite the fact that it is cheesy, it makes you smile.

If you like this kind of comedies and are curious to see more than the trailer, why don’t you give it a chance?



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