In the beginning of this month Warner Bros released a new trailer for the highly-anticipated second instalment of the film adaptation of J.R.R.Tolkien’s book The Hobbit. This new look at the upcoming film reveals some of the different characters the viewers are meant to encounter and the action scenes we are all going to witness.

The trailer starts off with several wide shots of Smaug’s cave as Bilbo enters it and the treasures that have been amassed there by the great dragon. It is exciting to actually get a glimpse of how the filmmakers have interpreted the literary descriptions of Smaug’s abode but in the same time the trailer is very careful not to give too much away. The shots that flash quickly through the screen are mostly of semi-visible golden coins, piled in the darkness.

A number of new for this partiuclar trilogy characters are also included in the newly-cut version of the trailer. Immortals’ Luke Evans is in the role of Bard the Bowman, who despite his rugged looks still manages to look like he came out of the clearly-defined illustrations of a children’s book. Similarly, Tauriel portrayed by Evangeline Lilly (Lost, Real Steel, The Hurt Locker) is introduced, once again teasing everyone’s presumptions what she may be doing in the film, since her character is not included in the book. Orlando Bloom is back as Legolas although he primarily features in The Lord of the Rings. In the same time, a brief exchange between Tauriel and Thranduil hints at the potential for a storyline involving her and Legolas, perhaps partially implying the filmmakers’ intentions (or not). Lee Pace is also returning as Thranduil from the first film from last year.

  Hobbit Desolation 3

…a link to events, which are to come in The Lord of the Rings

Of course, one of the characters, whose return is expected by a lot of fans, is that of Gandalf the Grey (he is still grey at this point of the chronological order of affairs), portrayed by Ian McKellen. In the trailer he exchanges a few words with Martin Freeman’s Bilbo, which allude to the ring Bilbo finds in Gollum’s cave – a link to events, which are to come in The Lord of the Rings. This is a connection filmmakers started drawing between the two film trilogies with The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey.

Finally, the new trailer features several of Smaug’s lines, voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, whose digitally altered voice is really hard to recognise. Nevertheless, with this the film constitutes the dragon’s appearance in this year’s installment.

Hobbit Desolation 4

…characters like Galadriel and Mikael Persbrandt’s Beorn…

There are several characters, however, we don’t get to see in the trailer. For example, Steven Fry was reported to have undertaken the role of the Master of Laketown but all we have from him so far is a short introduction of this very trailer. Similarly, despite it’s been reported that they will be featuring in the film, characters like Galadriel and Mikael Persbrandt’s Beorn have not been included in the trailer.

Instead of that we get a peek at the number of adventures and obstacles the characters have to overcome (and potentially survive) in this new film. Most of them include arrows, slashing through air, dwarves jumping into barrels and going down the river, gigantic spiders attacking various members of this particular ‘fellowship’, orcs and elves fighting on top of ruins and across tree branches, swinging around ropes and blowing up things.

Hobbit Desolation 2

…gives away just enough to keep the audience waiting and wanting for more…

The filmmakers have inserted one final hint as to the potential of the storyline and this is a flash of the bright orange eye or Sauron, shown to the sound of Gandalf’s powerful voice remarking that the enemy has returned. This may be an allusion to something overall unexpected for this film or even the following one.

This new trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug gives away just enough to keep the audience waiting and wanting for more but is far from satisfying their curiosity by filling all the gaps. By refraining from revealing some of the characters and storylines the trailer builds up the anticipation to the film’s premiere, promising some unexpected twists.


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