The Coen brothers have a long history of working together to create dark comedies and occasional violently gritty films. Typically their films don’t fit any particular genre, and have complex themes. They can be unpredictable, and some of their films leave me cold. However I’m a huge fan of The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men and True Grit among a few others.



This trailer for their latest film Inside Llewyn Davis has just emerged, giving a sense of what their next film has to offer, and I’m already excited for the early 2014 release date – here’s why:

The opening of the trailer is pure Coen brothers – a car on a deserted road, instrumental folk music, and a dark conversation about suicide. However the trailer is lacking in the violence of many of the brothers latest offerings. Instead it seems to focus on a young folk singer, trying to find his way to success in 1960’s New York. Perhaps the brothers are returning to their roots, with interesting protagonists taking the lead against a host of adversities.

…Justin Timberlake also appears, apparently as a folk singer…

The Coen brothers excel at telling human stories, and the trailer sets up a range of problems to be overcome – record label rejections, presumably accidental pregnancy, financial hardship and a lost cat.

It’s also a rather special looking cast – Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan are back in their first film together since Drive where they played a dysfunctional husband and wife duo. John Goodman, a staple of Coen brother’s casting takes as unknown role. Justin Timberlake also appears, apparently as a folk singer, in a complete departure from his once upon a time pop career.

…will be given the Coen’s traditionally complicated character treatment…

The whole film looks to be rather interesting – a prime cast who hopefully will be given the Coen’s traditionally complicated character treatment. The cinematography is typically vast and rich looking. The plot already seems complexly woven and at the same time quite anchored in reality.

The trailer certainly has me excited – though as with all Coen films, there’s the potential for the final film to take itself too seriously, or make itself inaccessible to the viewer.

As always, it’ll be a case of waiting for the release to see if I’m an instant fan, or else left disappointed…

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