The story of Tarzan has had the dubious honour of being passed between various authors, and recreated in various formats. Now, one hundred years since the original magazine release, a new theatrical imagining is on its way. 

The cast is not particularly well known, and there have been high profile delays during pre-production, so it’ll be interesting to see how the story has been treated.  This is the most mainstream project yet from director/producer Reinhard Klooss, so has the potential to bring him to wider attention, provided the film is well received.

The latest release is rendered in CGI, with the main characters remaining fairly true to their previous incarnations. However the trailer and synopsis reveal a new twist – it seems that Tarzan will be attempting to save the jungle from the threat of an energy company harvesting meteorite shards. Whether this attempt at modernising the plot will bring the film success is questionable. The core of the Tarzan story is his struggle to find himself, and find his place in the world. 

…it makes sense that the writers would want to add their own twist…

Judging from the initial trailer, this story will be more about the fight to save the jungle than any kind of character journey. Following on the heels of so many re-versions, it makes sense that the writers would want to add their own twist, but at this stage it’s looking like a dubious reboot of a tired story, rather than a dramatic re imagining. 



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