When you’re seventeen you have something to prove to the world. At the time you pretend you don’t think you do, but deep down you know it is the case. Academia isn’t cool at that age so you have to find different avenues to gain people’s respect. So how do most people do it? They drink. They drink a lot. They go to a hardware store, pick up a funnel and for a good two years that is all they will drink through. Why is this the chosen and accepted method of living life as a teenager in Britain? Because when you’re seventeen Skins is the coolest programme in the world.

When the first series of Skins was broadcast in 2007, us twenty something’s were the seventeen year olds. We were the test group teens who used it as the flint to the fire of our rebellion. We would puke on ourselves then arrive home to tell our parents how wonderful the cinema was and it was great, we were invincible.

…as you get older the bad acting and awkward writing becomes more and more noticeable.

You can’t be invincible forever though, and as you get older the bad acting and awkward writing becomes more and more noticeable. Each cast change seems like natural progression for the next group of school graduates to move on to their own lawless lives at university, while passing the economy vodka baton onto the fresh rabble of delinquents. Where as we can sit back, laugh at the hype but secretly still watch every now and again.

The sixth series of Skins premieres on E4 tonight and is promised to be darker than ever. Starting with the group holidaying in a half finished villa in Morocco, equilibrium is soon disrupted with the discovery of a weed stash under the floorboards and the return of its owners.

…Skins clearly knows no boundary.

Who knows what will happen, but if you go back over the past few series’, Skins clearly knows no boundary. After all why would it, it’s written by the young people who hoover up ketamine for breakfast.

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