American Horror Story is nothing to be afraid of. Well, there are plenty of jumps and tense twisted narratives for you to  enjoy. But it doesn’t at any point become too much to handle. What surprised me the most was who was behind it: Ryan Murphy. His name has somewhat become TV gold in recent years.

An average TV show creator tends to be considered successful once they have achieved a popular programme, which runs for three seasons or more. In Murphy’s case, he has exceeded one show and hit a comfortable total of three, so far.

…which resembles something between a museum of the dead and night terrors…

First he was the creator of the very popular Nip/Tuck, which ran healthily until 2010, at which point Murphy was invited to Fox with an annual salary of $10million. It was with this freedom that he created Glee. Then last year, he churned out another jaw dropping headliner: American Horror Story.

The basic narrative revolves around a psychologist and his family. They move out of the city in order to escape their humdrum life, as well as his mistress and the damage it was having on their previous household. With his wife pregnant, and his daughter on the edge of a meltdown, everything seems to be getting better as they take up shelter in a turn of the century house, which resembles something between a museum of the dead and night terrors.

…a healthy meal of terror and vulnerability…

American Horror Story delivers a healthy meal of terror and vulnerability, whether it is the father figure trying to aid one of his disturbed patients through therapy or trying to discover who it is that breaks into the house at night.

Much like Nip/Tuck and Glee, the interconnecting relationships of the characters are what interests the most. Under the direction of co-creator Brad Falchuk, we can find resonance with the characters, their lives and the situations they find themselves in. Avoiding any silly vampire narratives and recycled archetypes of horror, American Horror Story weaves a tale beyond the realms of the small screen.



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