There was a time when we thought TV couldn’t get much more tongue in cheek than watching Rebecca Loos wank off a pig. That was 2004 to be specific and on a reality TV programme called The Farm. Yet here we find ourselves again, in the tail end of 2011 and at the mercy of Charlie Brooker and his new three part series on Channel 4, Black Mirror.

The first episode which aired last week, called The National Anthem, saw a princess kidnapped by a terrorist: Very serious business indeed. But instead of the standard political propaganda usually driven at us from these types of plot developments, there could only be one possible outcome for Brooker. Of course, the only way a terrorist could make his demand and with it have the nation class him as a hero would be to communicate, via Youtube that for the princess’ life to be saved, the prime minister would have to endure televised sex with a pig. So political bestiality it is then; perfect Sunday night viewing.

…hurrah for anti-establishmentarianism…

I wouldn’t like to communicate how dark this comedy is for fear of being caught up in a racism row, but finally, hurrah for anti-establishmentarianism. Credit where it is due for Brooker’s two cheek slap to politics and media; I can’t imagine he’s ever licked his finger and fired it into Cameron’s ear, but it doesn’t get much closer than this.

Black Mirror represents more than sitting in a pub and declaring politicians are wankers into the bottom of a pint glass. I wouldn’t consider myself the most political person in the world, but people say Nelson Mandela had it hard? He spent 27 years in prison fighting for freedom. Haven’t we spent our whole lives socially constrained and fighting against politicians deciding what we can and cannot say, regardless of the fact they may have once been members of the Bullingdon club?

…as close to certified satisfaction we’re probably ever going to get.

Either someone at Channel 4 is now unemployed, or they’re all blissfully unaware of the broadcast due to a heavy leakage of acid. Hopefully the latter, because the next episode entitled Fifteen Million Merits is based around an X Factor type talent contest. Co-written by Brooker’s wife and sacked Xtra Factor presenter Konnie Huq, it’s as close to certified satisfaction we’re probably ever going to get.

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