Dexter is not your average evening viewing. The first scene in the Pilot starts with the protagonist Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) kidnapping and murdering a paedophile who had raped, murdered and buried several choir boys that he taught under his house. After thanking Dexter for stopping him, Dexter proceeds by killing him with a hand saw. And so begins the wonder of this television series as we follow Dexter through his usual routine as a forensic scientist by day and a hunter of serial killers by night. Dexter operates by a method that his late father taught him and that is the moral code. To quell his desires of killing he only target those who kill others.

The series, now entering its seventh season, is based on the books by Jeff Lindsay and has been received incredibly well, even being nominated for and receiving Primetime Emmy Awards, Creative Arts Emmy Awards Golden Globes, Satellite Awards, Saturn Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Writers Guild of America Awards.

…the sick and sometimes perverse killings that occur on screen…

Each season brings about new problems for Dexter as not only does he have to hide his habits from his sister who is also a police officer, but he gets married (to create a sense of normality), becomes a father figure and takes on a prolific serial killer in every season.

The warmth and wonder of the show comes from Dexter struggling with his dark passenger, as he calls it, but moreover the character’s attempt to curb his addiction to murder and live a normal life without being caught. The relationships he forms with co-workers and his family is beautifully contrasted to the sick and sometimes perverse killings that occur on screen. The strange thing is that from the very start we are shown a killer, who, although only murders other bad people, in the end is a bad person himself. Yet you learn to love Dexter and want him to succeed in his dark deeds, however nasty they might be – they tap into an eye for eye mentality.

…hopefully the show will continue its dark style and engaging storyline…

From serial killers in the family, psychotic exs, vicious apprentices, prolific and mass murdering psychopaths, groups of killers and even those killing to start the apocalypse, Dexter has had his work cut out for him so far and hopefully the show will continue its dark style and engaging storylines. If your squeamish I would perhaps take it slow with this series, but if you’re interested in dark humour, drama or even want to emulate Dexter (which several people have tried to do) then give the show a looking.

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