The circle of life isn’t pretty, if anything The Lion King taught us that. But now with Frozen Planet gracing our screens nature is presented to us bare, unforgiving and surprisingly, paralleling areas we all experience in humanity.

While it isn’t pleasant to hear “Most plants die, their insides ripped apart by ice crystals”, or watch the devastating fight for survival, it is interesting to learn about the possible reasoning for such an obesity epidemic in America.

Frozen Planet takes us beyond life on the ground far into the sea… 

“Big bodies lose less heat and can carry more insulation, this might be why these bison are the largest animals in North America” says Attenborough, forgetting about significantly larger animal’s cosy in McDonalds sipping on milkshakes through straws they wish were just a little wider. Still the bison are at the mercy of wolves who run seemingly endlessly, with uncompromised concentration through the deep, fresh, snow, to tackle the animal in order to buy themselves time through the harsh winter, in possibly the most effective no smoking advert to date.

Frozen Planettakes us beyond life on the ground far into the sea where we meet the real lads – the seals. Searching the surface of the sea for the best breathing spot and fighting off their competition ready for mating season is a bleak reminder that to men in all walks of life, every hole is a goal. But seeking comfortable living, the gold digging females will fall into the (fins?) of the many Seal Hefners ready for a summer of love. 

…the lengths that the crew went to in obtain such footage gives you shivers. 

The cinematography throughout is top notch and the lengths that the crew went to in obtain such footage gives you shivers. Filming from both the air and the ground in temperatures of minus 50c is not for the faint hearted. But their expedition far into the Arctic wilderness makes for a worthwhile winter watch: From your bed, with a hot chocolate and a hangover which demands peace, tranquility and the dulcet tones of the lord of nature. 

The next episode seeks to explore the creatures of the polar regions who endure the 100mph winds and impossible temperatures in their day to day lives: perfect for a duvet day watch.

Images courtesy of Frozen Planet


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