In a world where a number of television series don’t survive past the pilot episode Grey’s Anatomy is in the rare club of shows that are going the distance, and with the spin-off show Private Practice coming to an end Grey’s Anatomy appears to be the only US medical drama still going strong.

Originally compared to ER (which lasted 15 seasons) Grey’s Anatomy has carved out a style all of its own and those who doubted that it wouldn’t have the staying power of ER are partially silenced now the show has reached it’s 9th season.

Although every long running show has its highs and lows this show has managed to keep our interest by showing the complicated lives of the characters who work at the Seattle Grace Hospital. Besides strange cases cropping up every episode like the man with a tree growing in his lung, there is also the obligatory ‘disaster’ every season that the shows creator Shonda Rhimes manages to work into the already turbulent lives of the characters who appear to be the unluckiest people on TV. They have been victims of a mass shooting, a bomb inside a patient and most recently a plane crash at the end of season 8.

…a great foundation for hilarious one liners…

So what makes Grey’s Anatomy great to watch? Well for me it’s the combination of the writing which is known for it’s witty and snappy style creating a great foundation for hilarious one liners and dramatic monologues. The diverse characters especially Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) who is the main attraction for me because she is the ambitious and cold doctor without a filter who should be the shows protagonist, as opposed to Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) who is the lead but quite dull and for me never did fit being at the centre of the show.

Whatever my feelings are regarding the shows choice in lead character Grey’s Anatomy is a smart and funny show that still has it’s metaphorical ‘legs’ that hopefully won’t run out of steam before the creators decide to call it a day and stop while their ahead.

3.5 Stars



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