Let’s not beat around the bush, Zooey Deschanel is FIT. I’m a straight girl and I could stand on a table and shout that in the most civilized of establishments and receive applause for such a bang on statement. So when New Girl premiered on Friday night with a naked dance from the queen of reem herself, you could almost hear the thud of a million jaw dislocations.

What followed in the next half hour was a US comedy which was funny. Breaking away from the jelly mould of American crap clogging up E4 at the moment, finally we were given something we could relate to. That is men who are douchebags and neurotic women who think they need these douchebags to survive.

New Girl succeeds where so many American comedies fail…

Driven by hopelessness, Deschanel’s character Jess sits watching Dirty Dancing six times each day to get over her humiliating break-up with her ex. Crazy, corr who would do that? I say, while memories of Dirty Dancing reenactments in a forest in the Yorkshire Dales come flooding back.

It is Jess’ imperfections which win us over. Because we all know that behind closed doors we have already done the things which are meant to make us think she is crazy. In reality, it is her naked dancing, incessant crap singing, inability to act as the perfect specimen of perfectness 24/7 and the fact she too tucks her dress into her pants after she’s been to the toilet which make us love her. Although it could also be largely down to the fact she is Zooey Deschanel.

New Girl succeeds where so many American comedies fail because it is relatively understated. It invites us to take the piss out of ourselves, and this alone wins over the British audience without a second thought. Trying my best not to generalise (but completely generalising) Americans like to be assured they are hilarious, which is probably why all British comedies have to be filed down to suit their audiences. But New Girl meets an in-between where, just like the prime minister and president, our two nations can join together in a bumming frenzy of appreciation for the same thing.

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