There are many reasons why Seinfeld is a TV classic. One reason is simply because there isn’t now and wasn’t before a show like it: it’s entirely unique; a game changer. No one has managed to capture the same magic; it was the balance of unlikely friends, superb writing and catchy phrases, which makes Ricky Gervais’s Extras sound and look amateurish. Curb Your Enthusiasm, developed by the same Larry David, is too familiar with its Seinfeld shenanigans: it doesn’t get close enough to update the old show. Even Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s new show, fails to find a new kind of edgy comedy.

There would be little point to compete with the books, articles and tweets (yes, there are tweets, “am I done yet?”) on why Seinfeld is a so great. So instead, here is a list of five favourite comedic romps; just a taster of many/ Afterwards, if you haven’t already, look this classy comedy up – you won’t be disappointed.


5. Season 5 – The Marine Biologist

There’s golfing by the ocean in this one. George has to play his way through a beached whale scenario. No putter needed really, just a breathing respirator to keep up with the laughs.


4. Season 9 – The Merv Griffin Show

Kramer finds an old set for a past TV favourite The Merv Griffin Show in the bin. He sets it up, and hosts his own show. All the while, Jerry has to deal with a real doll, no not a model – but a doll lover! Elaine deals with a slider, someone who moves silently up to someone.


3. Season 3 – The Parking Garage  

A quick trip to the mall goes haywire as the friends carry an air conditioning machine around as they attempt to find their lost car. Although we’ve all had this happen to us, no one does it better than these four.


2. Season 7 – The Soup Nazi

This episode reminds me of Friends, and the incident with the building manager and Jennifer Aniston’s attempts to win him over. Even New Girl attempted to mirror it with Jess attempting to get the flat fixed up by the owner. Yet, Elaine’s antique cabinet incident still lingers as the best among the “I want that!” In this episode it all surrounds an antique cabinet, soup recipes and a small theft.


1. Season 4 – The Contest

George is caught by his mum doing “it”. She then puts her back out, and in attempt to comfort her, he promises never to do it again. Of course, as this is Seinfeld and not the likes of John Hughes inspired Happy Endings, friends don’t let things go easily, and Jerry tests George’s pressure with a contest.

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