The story of Sleepy Hollow is pretty well known.

Disney dabbled in a terrifying rendition of the story (terrifying to both child and adult alike), and of course Tim Burton brought his gothic style to a feature that starred Johnny Depp (what a surprise), Cristina Ricci and Christopher Walken, who played the headless horseman. Burton’s style worked perfectly for the ghost story and it would be madness to remake such a visual and entertaining cinema right? Well universal have just launched a television series of Sleepy Hollow, where Ichabod Crane fights the headless horseman in the past and seemingly is destroyed defeating him. Cut to modern day and Ichabod awakens in Sleepy Hollow completely shocked at the change to the world. His biggest problem is that the horseman has come with him, and so the series partners Ichabod up with a police sheriff called Abbie whilst they investigate grizzly ghosts and gruesome deaths.

The series shows promise and highlights the views of the past pretty well. Ichabod’s partner is  Abbie is black and so the first few episodes have shown the past racial prejudice that we have moved past, but for Ichabod is the norm.

…occult goings on…

Check out the trailer below:



The cast are superb and the storylies lean more to the mystery of occult goings on in the town. With Shows like Once Upon A Time and Game Of Thrones helming the fantasy market of television, it will be interesting to see how well Sleepy Hollow fairs.

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