Stan starts to hear only sounds of poo

South Park is a show that is beyond the Marmite feeling of television. It’s not a case now of disliking South Park because of the influence it had on children years earlier for its consistent use of profanity and toilet humour. With shows like Family Guy and even The Simpsons upping the ante on vile humour, South Park has become a show that has constantly delivered good content in a society that has got past the use of the F word on mainstream television.

That’s not saying that South Park still doesn’t shock. Usually in every episode I am generally disgusted by some form of joke or visual. This doesn’t turn me off the viewing the show as simply that’s just how South Park is.

So following on from season 14 of South Park and fall out of the Batman/Justice League/Lovecraft-ian mash up of Coon and Friends, season 15 deals with Apple, Tyler Perry, The Royal Wedding , Penis size and in a two-parter; the fear of growing up.

…the un-funniest nation in the world…

Kyle doesn’t read the fine pint in his new Apple contract…

From very early on in South Park the creators have related story topics to what is happening at the time in the world and this makes for some fantastic viewing. In HumancentiPad Kyle mistakenly signs a contract for a new Apple account without reading the terms and conditions meaning that he is taken and owned by Apple. He is sewn together with two other people to create the first HumancentiPad (an obvious steal from The Humancentipede) and Cartman’s annoyance that his mother won’t get him an iPad means he goes on to Dr Phil and accuses his mother of fucking him. The second episode Funnybot centres around the Germans being told they are the un-funniest nation in the world and therefore they build Funnybot; the greatest comedian. Tyler Perry turns up in this episode and the climax is a great South Park moment.

Other great episodes in the season is the Canadian wedding based on William and Kate (Royal Pudding), Cartman’s crack baby internet scam (Crack Baby Athletic Association) and the amazing Broadway Bro Down where Stan’s dad finds out that women are sexually aroused by West End shows because of the subliminal messages in the songs leading to the need for them to give blowjobs.

…he only hears the sound of defecation…

Women + West End shows = Oral sex

The season really hits its story telling height in the two part episode You’re Getting Old and Ass Burgers. Stan turns ten and is given an album from Kyle of a new band; however when he listens to it he only hears the sound of defecation. Worried, he goes to the doctors and finds out he has been diagnosed as a cynical asshole. Not finding anything fun any more because it all sounds like poo, Stan and the boys break up. Stan’s parents also go through a divorce. This episode, when released, was rumoured to relate to the creators own friendship and it was feared it could be the final part of South Park as a series. Dealing with the harsh reality of growing up a shows the unique and often grown up storytelling found in South Park.

Overall the season is a delight to watch and humour wise, is a nice change from the boring set-ups and lack of real storytelling found in Family Guy and other animated comedies.

4.5 Stars

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