Weeds is a small show that’s forever spoken about by the cult followers of the Showtime TV network. For some reason, it’s rarely celebrated  in the UK; probably because it’s not broadcast here.

Created by Jenji Kohan, sister to David Kohan, the creator and show runner of Will and Grace, unlike her brother, Jenji isn’t a pioneer in pushing the boat out in terms of what can and can’t be shown on daytime TV. She instead goes in the opposite direction with her own original dramady, managing to retain the 18 certificate from start to end, ignoring criticism and not baby-proofing its content for the likes of CBS.

The show started back in 2005 with one of Showtime’s first female lead shows – now very popular with the likes of The Big C, Nurse Jackie and Shameless. At the time, it must have felt like an answer to Desperate Housewives, commentating on the American dream gone wrong, while openly flaunting what Desperate Housewives only hinted at.

…she becomes aware that she may lose her home.

Here though, Wisteria Lane comes in the form of Agrestic: a shy community built on the facade of strong morals and the usual keeping up appearances associated with white-picket-fence-communities.

The lead, Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louis Parker), faces the loss of her husband, and after calculating her finances, she becomes aware that she may lose her home. She decides, however, that there’s only one way to survive, and for the sake of her two rebellious sons, she picks up her second day job as a marijuana dealer.

The show playfully comments on the morality of drug dealing throughout the first season, and eventually moves beyond the simple good versus evil boundaries: slowly redefining social ethics and keeping our sympathies with Nancy and her family.

…exciting, comical and enticing from the very beginning…

By the third season, the Botwin family has clearly changed. Now the four of them, having added Andy (Nancy’s brother-in-law) to the mix, move out of Agrestic and begin a journey that has lasted until now. This reshaping of the TV show’s journey has made it entirely unique, as it moves from city to city like a road movie, constantly reconstructing characters and providing a fantastic array of cultures, locations and personalities.

Weeds is exciting, comical and enticing from the very beginning. With season 8, the show will probably answer all the unanswered questions, maybe even deliver the love interest that everyone has wanted; or it might not: that’s what’s interesting about this show. If you fancy watching a series that has delivered year in and year out, one which has survived the long hall, and ended itself rather than being cancelled, with a handful of characters you’ll love and hate, Weeds is the right one for you. 



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