ITV’s new dance show Stepping Out has been released in a hopeful attempt to end the everlasting rivalry between BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and ITV’s the X Factor. Although it may look like a copy-cat version of Strictly Come Dancing, Stepping Out varies slightly as its competitors are real life celebrity couples including the likes of JLS star, Oritse Williams and his girlfriend Aimee Jade. With the release of this new dancing show brings the ultimate question…Which show is better?

Just a Copycat Show?

Strictly Come Dancing has graced our television screens with its brilliant dancers and sassy costumes since 2004. In that time it has established itself quite a loyal fan base and who’s to say that any one of them will be willing to turn their back on the show that they’ve cherished for years in favour of, what can only be described as a copycat show. After all, who wants the shadow of something they love when they can have the real thing over on BBC One?

Who Steps Over Whom?

If people wanted to sit and watch two novice dancers make a fool of themselves on the dance floor, wouldn’t they just take a walk to their local bar? In ‘Stepping Out’, this is what you will probably find and it is something that Craig Revel Horwood (one of the judges on Strictly) ‘politely’ pointed out when he said to The Sun that Stepping Out is: “a car crash waiting to happen”.

However, many would argue that Stepping Out appeals to younger viewers who are looking for something more modern. Stepping Out isn’t restricted to ballroom and Latin dances which leaves the show open to a herd of younger viewers in search for a more up to date dancing show on a Saturday night.

Battle of the Dancers

So which show is better? On the night the first Stepping Out aired, Strictly Come Dancing averaged an audience of 9.2 million whereas Stepping Out was left stepping out into the cold with a measly 2.3 million viewers, four times less than its BBC rival. Which show is better is a question left for you to decide but if you’re growing tired of this endless debate, relax and have some fun with Ladies Night game on Gala Bingo using your Gala Bingo Bonus Code. It’s the perfect way to spend your Saturday nights whilst these two shows continue to battle it out!

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