If you were like me then you really enjoyed Shadow of Mordor.

Shadow of Mordor followed the story of Talion, a black gate soldier who is killed by invading orcs led by Saurons dark lieutenants. However, he doesn’t die, but is instead bonded with a long dead elf; Celebrimbor. Together they hunt down the lieutenants and orc chieftains that litter the landscape in an effort to stop Sauron from returning.

The sequel picks up directly after the first game with Talion/Celebrimbor wanting to forge a new ring of power to challenge Sauron. However, as the trailer suggests, things do not go to plan and the two are separated.

… they would remember you and actively hunt you down …

Oh Lamlug… we all know this will end with you being burned alive or plummeting to your doom…

What was so great about the first game was mechanic known as the nemesis system. As you encounter orc bosses and warlords around Mordor, depending on how the fight with them went – they would remember you and actively hunt you down across the landscape. A favourite of mine would be to finish the boss off by either burning them alive (they’d return in bandages) or throwing them off a high cliff (they’d be visibly scarred of covered in metal).

The Nemesis system meant the game could get personal and the AI would learn. Monolith who developed the game have said that War will be even more extreme and things will get very, very personal.

Where the first game was more a one man war against the forces of Mordor, War will be about leading an army into battle. With fortresses and an improved levelling up system for armour and weapons, War is shaping up to be THE game of 2017.

Check out the game play trailers below:


Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be released 22 August 2017

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