If you are an individual who is new to the concept of blogging, some of the decisions that must be made during the initial setup process can be confusing. This is especially true when determining which blogging platform is most effective. Many bloggers are aware of Blogger and they find it appealing, primarily because the platform is free to use and easy to set up.

Another reason that blogger is so attractive is the fact that it is owned by Google, meaning that it is heavily promoted and supported by the internet giant. However, the Blogger platform is lacking in some key areas for the person who will be taking their blogging exploits seriously.

Following are some key points that reveal some of the ways that a self-hosted WordPress blog will be considerably better than a Blogger site:

Flexibility and control

One of the key areas that a self-hosted WordPress blog will stand out over a Blogger site is in the area of control and flexibility. When placed in juxtaposition to one another, the WordPress blog reveals the significant limitations associated with a blog that is hosted on Blogger. There are a limited number of themes and the ability to customise those themes is also limited.

In the area of control, you sacrifice a lot of it with Blogger. For example, Blogger is owned by Google, and Google has been known to delete blogs without warning, meaning that not only is the blog taking down off of the web, but all of the content will most likely be lost forever.

Search engine optimization

BloggingWithout proper SEO, your blog is virtually dead in the water. Organic traffic is essential to building the reader base that will make your blog successful. Although Google has a tendency to index blogger sites quickly, the overall SEO advantages of a WordPress site are simply too powerful to overlook. WordPress offers substantially more optimisation options than Blogger. There are plugins that will help to ensure that each post that is added to your blog will be optimised for the search engines. These plugins can also ensure that your site does not have bad links or too many ads, which can cause you to be penalised by Google — completely destroying your page ranking.

One feature that is extremely important in improving the search engine optimisation process is the ability to ping your posts. WordPress has a self-ping feature that is designed to send a ping to multiple search engines and blog directories. This feature alerts directories and search engines to come to your site to catalogue each new post that is added. This ensures that when people search for information that pertains to what you post your site will come up in the search results.

Easy installation and setup

One of the areas in which most bloggers believe that Blogger has a decisive advantage over a WordPress self-hosed account is in the ability to quickly set up and launch a blog. Actually, once you have set up your virtual private server hosting, launching WordPress is quite simple. There are a number of hosting companies that have direct relationships with WordPress, which allows them to offer one-click installation. This means that as soon as you open the hosting account, you simply click the WordPress installation button and you will be ready to start building your site.


WordPress has an extensive list of plugins that can help with every aspect of developing a successful blog. There are plugins that will allow you to capture information from the web, as well as plugins for creating highly responsive opt-in pages and popups. This is not an option that you have with Blogger.

Blogger is good to start with, especially if you are intimidated by the process. However, if you are planning on blogging for the long term, you will get far more traction with a self-hosted WordPress site.

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