Simply put, Yogi has failed in attempting that oh-so-hard trick to pull off – the mixing of CGI and reality. In ‘Jellystone Park’, bless ‘em, Yogi and co. haven’t cut it. Poor Ranger Smith tries to convey anything emotive when effectively staring into thin air, I don’t envy him.

A character as old as Yogi Bear isn’t relevant to this generation. Yogi’s voice and outfit were iconic back then, but to this demographic, the significance is lost – it’s a travesty. I find it hard to believe that the storyline will be a hit with kids, the magic of Yogi from the 60s being lost in the midst of a warped CGI/reality Jellystone Park.

This beloved ‘pic-a-nic’ stealing, ‘smarter than the average’ bear, almost fifty years after his television debut, deserves better. Dare I say that Hanna-Barbera might be turning in their respective graves?

2 Stars

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