If you are interested in following political blogs that look into everything from worldwide news to conspiracy theories, then you might be surprised about how many are out there. How do you know which ones are worth looking at and which ones are pure fiction? The key is to find one that interests you and in order to do this; you may need to read through a lot in order to find one that caters to your tastes.



Global politics and conspiracy theories make for very interesting reading material and many people enjoy reading the blog written by David Icke. David was born in 1952 and is known for being an English writer who enjoys delving into conspiracy theories that surround a wide range of global politics. Icke is a former spokesperson for the Green Party and has also presented sports programmes on the BBC and after an interesting encounter with a psychic in 1990; he now believes that the spirit world passes messages onto him and once even declared himself the “Son of the Godhead”.


Tim Montgomerie

Maintaining your own voice in politics is a feat in itself and this is one of the reasons why Montgomerie is so popular. His blog is feisty and although he is a Tory, his views are not only one-sided and he is not afraid to delve into real debates that happen in the world of politics – while successfully staying away from propaganda.


Anthony Wells

This blog is perfect for anyone who wants to check out poll trends and is a genuinely helpful tool. Anthony looks into future and past elections, and talks about the forthcoming election in terms of marginals and target seats. His analysis appeals to a broad spectrum of people, as it is based on facts rather than opinion and the tone of this political blog is both understandable and reasonable making this blog a great go-to for anyone looking for truths rather than debates.


Kerry McCarthy

While whips are normally very secretive, the great thing about Kerry McCarthy’s blog is that despite being a Labour Party whip, she offers great insight into her role as a well-known MP. She gives readers a look into what is expected of her during a day in her life as an MP and isn’t afraid to touch on issues and problems within Parliament in her own personal tone.


Paul Waugh

Waugh is famous for his ability to dig deep into the shadier side of politics and his fearlessness is what makes his blog so interesting. He tells stories about the inside mischiefs in Westminster, as well as providing his opinion about the latest power struggles. This blog is full of energy and mischief, which draws readers in and grabs their attention making it an addictive blog that makes you want to go back to it week after week.

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest happenings in the world of politics is a lot easier when you know which blogs are the best.

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