Being a student is expensive. Whether you spend your cash on books and tuition, or are out partying every night, you’ll no doubt be worrying about your bank balance by the end of term. That’s why it’s nice to make a bit of extra cash while you study, so you can put some cash away for when you graduate, or can treat yourself to the luxuries you enjoy. Here are a few suggestions for ways you can bring in some extra cash, without affecting your grades.


Get a part-time job

Grants and maintenance loans don’t always cover your expenses, and there are lots of options for part-time work while you study. You don’t have to work in a shop or wait tables, some students manage to work in a field related to their degree. Other than the cash, advantages of working part-time include:

  • Getting a reference for when you apply for graduate jobs
  • Potentially getting your foot in the door of a large company
  • Showing you can cope with the responsibilities of a job
  • Giving you real world experience


Earning money online

It won’t pay a huge amount, but there are ways of earning a bit of extra cash online when you have some free time. Join some reputable survey sites, offer your services as a freelancer, and use cash back sites when you need to make essential purchases. It soon adds up, and is a good way to save up for luxury items.


Try matched betting

Betting sites often try to tempt new customers with big cash bonuses, and there are ways to take advantage of this, without spending any of your own money. Learning the skill of matched betting is great for those who don’t like to gamble, but want to make some extra cash. As long as you follow the system, and aren’t tempted to bet your own money, then it can be a good way to make a little extra money.


Sell things online

Lots of us have extra goods that we could live without, from old mobile phones to DVDs, and these can easily be sold online through dedicated services. You won’t get a lot of money for these items, but it’s easier than selling them individually. For more valuable items, auction and local selling sites can be the easy way to sell. Some students even look for items at charity shops that can be resold, perhaps putting their skills to work to repair things and increase their items.


Become a mystery shopper

If you enjoy shopping or dining out, why not get paid for it? Mystery shopping is great for students, as most companies are flexible about when you do your assignments, and you’ll be paid in either cash or vouchers. There are many ways to become a mystery shopper, and if you can prove that you’re reliable and can follow the instructions to the letter, then you’ll be given more assignments.


It’s not always easy to balance your budget as a student, and if your loans aren’t covering your expenses, then it’s worth trying to make some extra cash. If you spend a little of your free time every week trying the above money making methods, you’ll soon see some extra cash coming in, and can enjoy your university experience just that little bit more.

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