Mick Jagger is back. 68 years old and still in perfect shape, the lead vocalist of the iconic rock band The Rolling Stones never ceases to surprise. When in Cannes, promoting his documentary on the Rolling Stones, Stones In Exile, he summed up his live by saying “We were young, good-looking and stupid. Now we’re just stupid.” Maybe what a famous Italian clothes brand advert says is true: “Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls.” Because that’s exactly what you need, if after almost 50 years in a band, you suddenly decide to create another one: balls.

The first single of Jagger’s new band SuperHeavy had been on YouTube only four days and had already been viewed more than 650.000 times and although the single is called ‘Miracle Worker’, it is not a wonder: the band’s members have everything for it to succeed. Next to Jagger are English soul singer Joss Stone, Damian Marley (Bob Marley’s youngest son), ex-Eurythmics Dave Steward and Indian film composer A. R. Rahman.

The band, quoting Jagger, is a ‘convergence of different music styles’: Joss Stone brings the soul factor, Damian Marley the reggae style, A. R. Rahman the Indian touch, and Jagger and Steward the rock side of the songs. The album, SuperHeavy, will be out the 19th of September, containing 12 unreleased songs (plus other four in the deluxe edition) that have been recorded in only three weeks in Los Angeles.

…I cannot help but have a smile on my face…

If while listening to the songs you can hear the different styles converging in an only sound, the video also shows that difference: a van covered in Jamaican colours, a tattoo shop, heavy bikes, a flower shop, Indian girls wearing saris… It might seem a little bit too much in the beginning, but it all works just fine. The song is pleasant to hear, with Stone’s, Marley’s, Jagger’s and A. R. Raham’s voices blending perfectly, and every time I listen to it, I cannot help but have a smile on my face.

Mick Jagger, with his unmistakable voice, appears in a bright pink suit and purple shoes: he does have a bit of wrinkles (he’s not a teenager, even though we tend to forget it!), but his silhouette didn’t change much in 50 years and his energy is still the same. And if that suit might have never worked for others, he pulls it off: not only because of his iconic status, but also because of his balls.

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