I got one question,
How do you fit all that in them jeans?
You know what to do with that big fat butt
Wiggle, wiggle wiggle

He’s no Casanova, but in Jason Derulo’s latest chart topping hit ‘Wiggle’, he sings about women’s ‘fat butts’ in a music video in which he shares a bed with eight beautiful women. Lucky girls. Whilst some would say that his eloquent tune is a celebration of the female form, many more argue that it adds fuel to the fire that we continue to objectify women in the media.

We don’t need to look to hard to find it. Boobs are used to sell everything – because who doesn’t love boobs, right? Nicole Scherzinger is half naked in the shower making sex noises to sell shampoo, we see sexy women gyrating on beaches in men’s toiletry ads and sports companies frequently using half naked women to sell their clothing and equipment.

…Nicole Scherzinger is half naked in the shower making sex noises to sell shampoo…

WiggleBut sex sells, right? Of course there is a market to sell products with a little help from the female form. It’s a fact that magazines like FHM and Maxim sell more copies when a famous man is replaced on the cover by an unknown scantily clad beauty. It works both ways however, as if you’re a woman shopping for lingerie, you’re sure to see images of beautiful young girls wearing the underwear you are considering purchasing. You want to see the items looking great so you’ll recreate the same look.

There is normally a public backlash when sex is used in the media when it is not required. When it’s used to sell cars, music, or cleaning products or something equally as irrelevant, people usually take to Twitter to vent their frustrations. We’re a smart, vocal and media savvy generation who are quick to speak when we don’t like something we see.

…But sex sells, right?…

How dangerous is sex in advertising though? Of course, we all know that images are easily doctored, skin smoothed, toned, slimmed down. As men and women we are constantly fed a stream of images as to what the perfect body should look like, what we should strive to perfect. Women should be toned, slim, with large breasts and smooth skin. They should be hairless from the waist down, with not a stretch mark or blemish in sight. Men need to be strong, muscular and toned, with perfectly maintained facial hair and a tan. How can we mere mortals live up to this impossible expectation of photoshopped wizardry?

Isn’t it about time we let go of our animalistic needs and stop objectifying one another? Admiring women for their achievements, values and skills seems to be redundant unless she is good looking. Let us evolve together as the human race and avoid using our photoshopped enhanced bodies in an attempt to flog a music video or a bar of soap.

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