If you remember my previous article, you’ll know that in Brazil, a member of the House of Representatives was convicted by the Superior Court of Justice of the same country for stealing 8 million Reais from public funds.

To make matters worse, even after the conviction, Natan Donadon still hoped to keep his seat in the House. The catch here is that the Brazilian constitution allows, under certain circumstances, a convicted felon to keep exercising a profession.

While that may be alright under various scenarios it might not be wise to keep in public office someone who stole public money. Yet the world of politics has been known to be more about expertise than wisdom and therefore more about juggling balls than doing justice – hasn’t it?

…this time it didn’t go unnoticed…

Yes, but that is where the spell bounced back and the balls were replaced with hot potatoes. The House of Representatives voted to keep Donadon in his seat, probably using the same criterias they apply when raising their salaries by thousand and minimal wage by tens. Only this time it didn’t go unnoticed.

While popular news channels didn’t pay much attention to the fact, the social networks did! To answer my question on the previous article – Yes! More protests happened. People showed up and in considerable numbers, attracting a lot of attention.

…an amendment prohibiting secret ballots…

The Senate was quick to announce that the results of the ballot were indeed absurd and shamefully blamed the House of Representatives for it. To give citizens a righteous response to this problem, the Senate then promised to approve, as soon as possible, an amendment prohibiting secret ballots when a banning process is in consideration.

All that did though, was make people angrier and more protests took place! What do you mean open ballots ONLY in banning process? No way!

Now the House was pretty upset with the Senate, and in real need of some popularity. So, to save their heads the Representatives stepped up, gave the people a voice and demanded the end of secret ballots for ALL decisions voted, in ALL the legislative powers – and that, as you may have guessed, includes the Senate.

…the current generation that seemed to be asleep is now wide awake…

Tough luck for the legislative powers indeed because the current generation that seemed to be asleep is now wide awake. Out on the streets once more they made another demand. That politicians convicted of crimes against public administration, hence democracy should lose their office automatically upon conviction.

What a brilliant idea! I wonder why no one ever suggested it before. Oh! That’s right! It might be because we are for the first time only a year away from elections, while about to host the World Cup and the Olympics. Now, now, we wouldn’t want any messy protest when it should be all fun and games, do we?

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