If you’ve completed your GCSEs and are wondering which direction to take with your further education, be sure to consider vocational courses for your next step.

Vocational courses could be the right choice for you, whether you aced your GCSEs or had a few disappointments on results day. Not only can you secure a university place by successfully completing a vocational course, but 9 out of the 10 most in-demand jobs of the future can be yours by studying on vocational courses.

Good vocational courses offer more than just lessons around your chosen subject. They will offer you a rounded study programme to help develop other skills that are vital to your success in the job market.

Your Vocational Qualification

Of course, when studying on vocational courses the majority of your time will be spent studying for your chosen qualification. This is where you’ll learn all the important aspects relevant to your chosen career. Most courses combine practical sessions with classroom learning so that you have both the knowledge and skills you need.

English And Mathematics

Often people who opt to study on vocational courses haven’t got good results in English and maths. However more and more employers are insisting on a minimum grade C in GCSE English and maths. These skills are also important for entry to later professional qualifications. A good study programme on vocational courses will include sessions on developing your English and maths. If you have a C or above in these essential topics you can study an alternative subject to enrich your skill set.

Tutorial Sessions

All vocational courses should include plenty of tutorial time. Tutorials are one to one sessions where you get guidance and support from your tutor covering. Group tutorials are also important, addressing areas such as UCAS applications, creating a CV, crafting a covering letter and how to approach job interviews. These kinds of employability skills can help you find and secure work experience opportunities or jobs, and they shouldn’t be glossed over.

Work Experience

Because vocational courses are practical in nature you will also get hands on experience with work placements. These placements let you practise what you’ve learned in the classroom in the real world, and they help you feel confident that when you complete your course you’ll be ready for work.

Enrichment Activities

Study and hard work are important, but life isn’t just about work, work, work. That’s why good vocational courses also offer a range of enrichment activities that complement your skills while letting you have fun with other students. Helping launch and run student activities also looks great on CVs and applications to university, proving that you can manage study, interests and a social life.

Quality vocational qualifications offer the opportunity to learn so much beyond your chosen course. They will help you become a well-rounded individual with the kinds of skill and knowledge that employers are looking for.

The College of North West London offers a huge range of vocational courses; can you find something that’s right for you?

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