Old Street is an interesting place. The tube exits underneath the ‘magic Roundabout’ and as you walk to street level, you pass many interesting, independent shops and cafes.

Google Campus London is a five minute walk from the tube and hidden among the winding streets surrounded by offices and pubs. To a simple walker-by it may go unnoticed, but hidden behind a seemingly normal looking office is the campus building.

Now Campus London s is a pretty neat place. Membership is free after signing up and that opens you up to a host of free events and programmes. The café downstairs has free hyperoptic internet (the fastest in London one of the google people told me), good coffee and space to join the other infectious entrepreneurs as they network and get busy on their projects.

…live music and free food/drink from local vendors…

Campus runs several really amazing networking events that are all free. You have to sign up online, but that’s pretty easy. At the first New Members meet up that I attended, we had a small introduction by the campus team and then we had to get into a two lines facing each other, and just like speed dating, had 30 seconds to sell yourself. I met people ranging from large business owners to students on their gap years looking for funding for agricultural programmes. Overall it was a fantastic networking event and one I recommend to anyone looking to expand their business circles. Also they had free breakfast and drinks – coffee and pastries.

Cheese stuffed balls + salad & Pulled pork +apple sauce pancake wraps

Another great even that campus runs is their join the dots evening. It’s a far busier affair than the usual events as it only runs for an hour and a half, but it’s a great place to meet other people who frequent the campus. They also organise live music and free food/drink from local vendors.

A really interesting place to hang out and great for those of you who want to job hunt outside of your homes. Who knows who you will meet!

Campus London,
4-5 Bonhill Street
London EC2A 4BX

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