With news that the Eurozone has finally emerged from recession after a record 18 month downturn it may finally be time to breathe a sigh of relief. A modest 0.3% growth may not seem like cause for celebration but, with light at the end of the tunnel, all talk of a Eurozone collapse may have to be put on hold.

Not too long ago it was a very different prospect.

Gripped by fears that the Euro might not survive the latest financial crisis, dire predictions as to the future of the European economy dominated the media. The Greek, Spanish and Portuguese clamoured for the dissolution of the single currency with rescue packets and financial bailouts proving futile in the face of a seemingly unstoppable downward spiral. However, the latest statistics suggest that these economies, led by relatively strong German growth at 0.7%, are finally beginning to balance. This, combined with news of a surprise 0.5% growth within the French economy, has led to some very optimistic predictions.

Implications for the UK

Reports at the beginning of the month pointed to a narrowing of the trade gap in the UK. With exports rising by 0.6bn, often to our European neighbours, it is easy to see how growth on both sides of the channel is beneficial. As industry and manufacturing continue to grow in strength, so too will the European economy as a whole, meaning that investors from the UK may find this the perfect time to liven up their portfolio.

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