Internet giant Google has launched its very own social networking site in direct competition with Facebook.

Very much like Facebook, Google+ allows you to share photos, chat and message, while integrating the company’s map and image service.

New features include ‘Hangouts’ – a live multi user video chat system. ‘Circles’ enable a user to group friends and share varied content with different clusters. Perfect for keeping your parents or bosses eyes away from certain content. ‘Hangouts’ is a group instant messaging service and ‘sparks’ connects people to others that have similar interests.

…a clever way of building hype…

Facebook currently boasts 750 million users and with Google+ now stands at around 10 million, which means they are a long way from becoming the place to be seen online.

Currently Google+ is running on an invite only system, a clever way of building hype and exclusivity before they gradually open it up to the rest of the general public.

This will be Google’s third attempt at social networking with Google Buzz and Google Wave both failing to even get recognised by the majority of the general public.

…an uphill struggle to convert the many addicted and devoted users of Facebook…

Google, however are far more confident of their new site being hit. Despite early signs that people are not done with Facebook, founder Mark Zuckerburg being the most popular person on Google+ suggests just that.

They face an uphill struggle to convert the many addicted and devoted users of Facebook. To encourage them to create new circles of friends and start from scratch in terms of photo uploads, status’s and wall posts is a big ask.

Users Facebook profiles are beginning to grow in sentimental value, like a photo albums, birthday cards or love letters. The features and usability has to be perfect or it will be another flop for Google social networking.

Image courtesy of Google, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook


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