With a little luck you’ll be gathering momentum; however old you are and whatever stage of life you’re at, the ideal situation would involve you moving forward – that is to day, positively. Finished university? Now you’re looking down the barrel of employment and there’s a strong chance that you, like me, have realised that money might be tighter now than it ever was before.

I’m planning on moving into a new house, getting a full-time job and finally leaving the edu-cocoon. Hello, employment. The fact that I’m currently faced with the cliff-top-climb that is my overdraft is a detail that I’m struggling to overlook, and a part-time jobs at minimum wage isn’t likely to dent it too much. So for a few months (please, let it be just a few months) I’m tightening the belt, stretching every pound, watching every penny, and utilising every other money saving cliche that occurs to me. Should be fun?

Based on past experience, moving house is going to cost anywhere in the region of £1000 to £1500 for the first month or two. I haven’t got that. So that’s going to make moving a little more difficult and frankly – though I’m sad to admit it – I’m not clever enough to somehow get that money right now. Great. So, what’s the plan? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

…So, what’s the plan?…

I’d like to take this opportunity to liken finance and money to the mythical Kraken. I’ve never seen it, heard it, smelt it or felt it, and no matter how many heads I cut off, there are more ready to grow up and bite me on the arse.The fact is that since the end of my first year at university it’s been a tightrope of thrifting, saving, working and panicking. I think it’s fair to say that, for the last year and a half now, I’ve been just a few bad decisions away from selling my body for fast-relief (financially speaking…). And it doesn’t help really that Facebook is currently an endless column of friends getting their dream graduate jobs. I’m pleased for you, really I am. But I also hate you and want your wages to trickle inexplicably into my gaping deficit of a bank account.

The consistent situation for the last year has been that I need money at all times, but you can almost guarantee in every case that at the time you need it most (the day before rent, phone bills, utilities need to paid) you won’t have it. Of course it’ll come in the day after and you’ll pick up the pieces, but by that stage you’re so emotionally shattered that you don’t even care and you end spending it all again to make yourself feel better – repeat cycle.

…thrifting, saving, working and panicking…

It’s my fault – obviously. I’ve spent too much and now I’m paying for it (figuratively and literally) but that makes it harder not easier. So what comes next? Well, in theory, a full-time job that will pay for my – apparently – too luxurious lifestyle. My CV took about four hours to put together and in it I attempted to put together and compile my employability into one clean, presentable and easy-to-read document. We’ll see how that goes for me, but in the meantime, as already mentioned, it’s a question of balancing my books and keeping my head above water. I’ll let you know how that goes too…So, it’s my time to just trundle on and hope for the best. It’s one thing that you’re always told before graduation – once you finish, no matter how much experience you have and what level of degree you’ve gained, you’re still going to have to be lucky. The silver lining is, I suppose, right now every other now-finished-student in the country, world even (except for that lucky few that have dropped straight into it) is going to be in the exact same position.

So to everyone praying for a job, money and somewhere to eat your cheap food, good luck. Whatever happens, it will be fine as long as you maintain the right attitude…And when all else fails you could always just move back home with mum and dad…

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A 21 year old English and Creative Writing student at Brunel Uni in Uxbridge. I write about a whole range of subjects and have a keen interest in journalism and writing in general. @BrynWGlover

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