Recently I have found myself in need of using the lifts at tube stations and shops, which has brought two things to my attention. First, why do so few tube stations in London have handicap access? I mean come on, if I was in a wheelchair I would be restricted to a handful of tube stations I could actually use. Would I be expected to take a bus or taxi to my destination or travel the extra distance to one of these rare stations?  But this point aside, the issue I find myself getting perturbed over is that the lifts, where they do exist, are always filled with those not needing them.

Last weekend I was at the Embankment station and while heading towards the lift, I watched two sturdy women meander over to the lift, board, and close the door as I was scrambling to get to there. I couldn’t help but notice that neither of the women had any disability or stair hindering capability other than perhaps their lazy inclination. And, if I dare to be fully honest, both women could have benefited from using the stairs over the lift.

…just plain rude…

I find that this happens quite often. Two weeks ago at the Earl’s Court tube, I had to ask a perfectly healthy couple if they could get out of the lift so I could use it. They had no ailment and quickly evacuated the space designated for those who needed it. The shocker here is that they had to walk out of their way to get to the lift that they didn’t even need!

So I say to you, if you are tired, lazy or just plain rude, keep those who need the lifts in mind, and get a bit of exercise and get the hell off my lift!


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