Everyone has been in the situation where someone knows you, and you can’t remember who the hell they are. Among students it would be the drunken one night stands, but for others it could be someone you’ve met at a party or used to work with. It is a real skill to get through these conversations by not saying their name, and I can honestly say that I have been lucky (even though I am a clear giveaway by going bright red).

SO what would you do if someone came up to you and started acting as if they knew you very well? Like things only you knew? Check out this creepy social experiment:



The People’s ID Bot Project from Experian is on a mission to raise awareness of just how open we leave ourselves to identity fraud.

What’s more surprising is people’s reaction to the video, and what they believe it says about our inclination to give others the benefit of the doubt rather than risk offending them. “Isn’t that so British, though?” says Annette, commenting on the People’s ID Bot Facebook page: “I don’t remember you, but it would be rude to admit that, so I’ll pretend I do…and give you my number!”

…The problem with us Brits is that we can suspect someone’s a fraudster and still let them get away with it!…

Not only did ‘Strangers in a Bar’ prove how important it is to remain vigilant about our personal information. But the debate that’s brewing on Facebook raises the question: does quintessential British politeness leave us more open to identity fraud? As George warns in another Facebook comment: “The problem with us Brits is that we can suspect someone’s a fraudster and still let them get away with it!”

In an age where *friends* are instantly acquired, interests easily ‘shared’ and information about us readily available, how do we really know who to trust?

For more research from the People’s ID Bot Project and tips on how to manage and protect your personal information online, go to: www.facebook.com/thepeoplesidbotproject

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