War crimes. Human Rights. Crimes against humanity. These words have lost all meaning due to the systematic overuse of these words by the media; the conservative press is keen to point out how ‘human rights’ allows hate preachers to remain in the UK, yet there continues to be a mechanistic and systematic violation of human rights in Syria illustrating what a Human Rights violation really is. The United Nations Human Rights Commission recently condemned President Assad of Syria for complicity and activity in the horrific atrocities in Syria.

We have become so accustomed to seeing these abhorrent acts in the media since the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War that we see ourselves so disconnected that we no longer care. Desensitisation to these horrors is of immense detriment to mankind. National self-determination is a key concept, and intervention is not something the UK should contemplate. But there remain 2 barriers to a united front providing universal economic sanctions; Russia and China. These two allies of Syria cite self determination as necessary, yet the Red Cross, the UN, and a plethora of other charities have highlighted the continuing suffering of women, children and men of Syria.

Monsters are emerging on both sides of the conflict; Sarin gas is thought to have been used by rebels and government forces. A rebel leader has been filmed eating the heart of a dead soldier. Footage of Sarin gas inflicted injuries instigated worldwide condemnation by the US, the UK and France. This caused an explosion in the political rhetoric where it seemed plausible that western intervention would be likely. Then the Commons voted against intervention. Russia diplomatically avoided the United State’s entry. And now we seem to be oblivious and indifferent to these detestable acts of barbarism, forgetting that silence is acquiescence, and acquiescence is in itself complicity.

…Russia and China continue to fund and facilitate the destruction of human life in China and Russia…

Intervention is wrong. The shadows of Iraq continue to linger, and we have learnt our lessons. But to selectively forget the despicable acts and the repercussions of these acts on the vastly civilian population is unacceptable. Economic sanctions could potentially cripple the government machine in Syria, yet Russia and China continue to fund and facilitate the destruction of human life in China and Russia. Revolutions can only ever unify for a brief time, unity against something is much easier than unity for something. Almost all revolutions in history occur like this. The rebel forces in Syria have surpassed this phase, dividing into Islamic sects, democratic movements, and other ideological sects. Funding monsters like the rebels is not a viable solution, but to economically cripple a systematic violator of human rights is the only reasonable solution.

The UN Human Rights Commission’s damnation of Assad’s complicity is the first time the regime has been implicated in the war crimes, and this damnation shows how there must be some evidence linking Assad, otherwise such a libellous accusation would discredit the UN.

…It is irresponsible to enable these needless deaths to continue…

An economic assault on the Syrian regime, preventing the desolation of humanity, is necessary. Civilians are not weapons or soldiers, yet in the Syrian conflict they are being obliterated on a regular basis. Our silence and inactivity is complicity in allowing these needless deaths. It is irresponsible to enable these needless deaths to continue.  A united front is paramount in protecting mankind, and a financial sanction sends the message of the insupportable nature of the actions by both sides of the conflict.

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