Just when we thought the phone hacking trial couldn’t get any juicier, the evidence given this week has proved otherwise. 

Jude Law’s appearance in court on Monday revealed how the actor believed the media had ‘an unhealthy amount of information’ about his life. As the day proceeded, the jury heard of the love triangle between Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig. What can only be descried as something (ironically) from a movie, the courtroom learned how the reporter, Dan Jones, hacked Daniel Craig’s voicemails in 2005 and listened to private messages left from both Ms Miller and Mr Lawn.

Ms Miller declared her love for Mr Craig whilst dining with Mr Law. Mr Law later acknowledged the affair and said via voicemail: ‘thanks, Mate. I hope Saski [Mr Craig’s then-partner Satsuki Mitchell) doesn’t find out.’ When played back to ed-editor Andy Coulson, Jones claims Coulson shouted ‘brilliant!’

…the jury heard of the love triangle between Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig…

The phone hacking scandal seems to be exposing dirtier little secrets than the now defunct newspaper, News of the World ever uncovered. When the trial began in late October 2013, another adulterating couple were exposed: Rebekah Brooks, the former editor, and her successor, Andy Coulson. An affair which allegedly lasted at least six years.

Brooks, Coulson and six others face a mixture of charges including phone hacking, conspiring to commit misconduct in public office, paying off officials in exchange for information and perverting the court of justice. All eight have pleaded not guilty to the allegations.

…another adulterating couple were exposed…

While this trial is believed to become one of the longest criminal trials in recent memory and is expected to last until Easter of this year, it raises more pressing questions other than which celebrity is sleeping with whom. Or rather, it demonstrates worryingly, how far some may dig in order to get the best headline. It makes you think: do you really care? Does it bother you who is sleeping with who? Do you want know what Prince William said to Kate Middleton one random afternoon on whatever outing he was on, on whatever day it was? Quite frankly, I don’t. Yes, it may seem like juicy gossip but ultimately, the chance of this gossip having any meaningful relation to yourself is slim. What Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Sienna Miller, Abi Titmuss or Delia Smith or whoever is involved in this messy case do outside of their career is none of our business. It is their private life and it should remain just that: private.

As this trial unfolds and more evidence is given over the weeks to come many of us will wait in anticipation to hear who or who didn’t hack phones, invade private lives, destroy evidence and create those ‘brilliant’ headlines for The News of the World. Sienna Miller will give evidence via video-link from the US on Friday. The plot will undoubtedly thicken.

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