On 28 October, 2011, an anti hate crime vigil was organised in Trafalgar Square, primarily by 17-24-30, an organisation formed in commemoration of the infamous nail bomb attacks in Soho in 1999 (the numbers correspond to the dates of the attacks). Hundreds of people gathered in the square for the candle-lit vigil, which featured several choirs and prominent speakers, including Stuart Milk the nephew of famous murdered gay rights campaigner, Harvey Milk.



The lack of mainstream media coverage was remarkable, considering the amount of high profile figures on the scene. One high profile figure who was noticeably absent was current Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Noticeable because both Ken Livingstone and Brian Paddick, current mayoral candidates for Labour and the Liberal Democrats respectively, spoke at the event. Although the event was generally apolitical – much to the ire of one Socialist Workers Party member whose presence incensed a few people – in a brief aside to us, Paddick mentioned that Livingstone had just told him casually, “If I don’t win, I hope you win.”

Not a lot of love for Boris at this event.

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