A scary new attraction has opened in London. Perhaps only really scary to those who suffer vertigo, Up At The O2, a precarious-looking, diameter long, walkway over the O2/Millennium Dome gives Londoners and tourists a completely unique take on the capital’s skyline.

I doubt many could say, apart from construction workers, that they’ve seen London in such a naked light: without a pane of glass or handrails; or that they had ever dreamt they’d be able to have such an experience walking atop a roof which would seem to have all the stability of a circus tent’s.

…the walkway itself slopes at 30 degrees…

It’s no wonder that safety is paramount when walking close to the heavens. Up At The O2 provides you with protective overalls and a safety harness, which would give you the same amount of safety as rock-climbing and abseiling.

The allusion to climbing doesn’t stop at the safety gear; the walkway itself slopes at 30 degrees and there can be powerful cross winds, which get ever more potent the higher you climb – it’s only when winds reach 40mph that the attraction stops!

…well maybe for one go…

At the centre of the dome, the views are spectacular, and after quite a climb the view is an achieved prize. It’s an ideal spot for you to take photos for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, although the freshness of this is going to wear off pretty quick – although who doesn’t like towering over London just for the hell of it?

Lasting for an hour in total, the attraction would appear to be for rock climbers and very outgoing people; I doubt many hardcore thrill seekers will go after it – well maybe for one go: it’s certainly not a sedate experience like the London Eye. At £22 it’s more expensive than the Eye, and being quite a fear-inducing ordeal, it may not be great for small children, but for young adults, it may be the best new way to see the capital.

5 Stars



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