It’s been a long time since flight MH370 disappeared from sight and the world has been gripped in anticipation waiting to hear fresh news surrounding the investigation. The Malaysia Airlines flight which left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing was reported missing on the 8th of March, with 239 people on board. About an hour after takeoff, the plane lost contact with air traffic control and it has since been noted that it appears that the plane’s tracking systems were deliberately turned off. Signs point to a deliberate diversion and potential hijacking, but where is the plane now? Why hasn’t anyone come forward to claim responsibility? Where are the 239 people on board? 

The plane crashed into the sea?

The first assumption in the case of the missing plane centered around the possibility that the plane had come into technical difficulties and crashed into the sea. Debris in the sea was analysed but turned out not to be related to MH370. It would be unusual for a plane to encounter such difficulties and not send out a distress signal or message to air traffic control. 

The plane was hijacked?

The last communication the plane made with a satellite showed that the plane could have gone in two directions, somewhere in the region between Thailand and Kazakhstan, or nearer to Indonesia and the Indian Ocean – this covers thousands of miles. It’s also been revealed that the last confirmed communication came seven hours after contact with air traffic control – meaning the plane went on to travel for seven more hours after the tracking systems were disabled. Although two Iranian men travelling on stolen passports were initially of interest, it is now thought that they were asylum seekers heading for Europe. Neither of the men have any links with terrorist groups. Both pilots houses are being searched to see if anymore information can be gathered about the role they played in the plane’s disappearance. 

…last confirmed communication came seven hours after contact with air traffic control…

The plane has been hidden to use in a terror attack?

New and extremely worrying theories point to the potential that the plane is being hidden to be used in a future terror attack. The potential of having another 9/11 style attack is worrying, worldwide, especially with no terror group taking responsibility for any hijacking. Without knowing who is responsible, it’s difficult to then say which countries should be taking precautions to protect against a potential attack. But, how easy is it to hide a huge plane? Many conspiracy theorists are pointing the finger at North Korea. It was discussed on Reddit how the plane had more than enough fuel to fly to the Hermit Kingdom and would still remain in mobile phone range. How likely? Who can say?

The plane has encountered extra terrestrial forces?

Up there with the more bizarre theories, many social media users took to Twitter to share their thoughts on a potential alien abduction. Through researching these theories online, I’ve come across everything from a Bermuda Triangle type anomaly, a blip in the space time continuum and aliens zapping planes full of passengers straight out of the sky. These theories are obviously a little harder to digest than a hijacking or pilot error. 

Whatever has happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight, it has certainly gripped the world and has been a constant talking point for the last couple of weeks. It could potentially take years to find out what happened in the mysterious disappearance, it seems that only time will tell. 

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