For anyone who hasn’t been keeping up to date with motoring news, there has been a hugely successful campaign running headed by After having already crowned most deserving local heroes, and business men/women, Motors decided to turn their attention the higher education again in a bid to find the most deserving student.

The campaign involved members of the public visiting the site and nominating a person of their choice, giving a brief story about why they deserved to win, after which the site narrowed the large volume of nominees down to just ten. Once those ten had been selected, friends, neighbours, and family could use social networks, local media, and many other resources to get the public to vote for the student they supported, which then helped to streamline the numbers down even further to a top five. The judges of the campaign then went through each story, and then decided upon a winner; this time round the finalists consisted of Vicky White from Birmingham City University, Sophie Hannah Davis from Nottingham Trent University, Julia Hebb from Salford University, Charlotte Moore from Swansea University, and finally, Cassie Galpin from University of Westminster.

From these equally dedicated and deserving students, Julia Hebb, a 37 year old mature student, was chosen as the winner, and is to be awarded a Peugeot 107 car which is worth £5,000. Julia’s story gained the most votes after Gillian Turner, a life-long friend, nominated the hard working mum of two.

…Julia has been able to help Tyler stay in a mainstream school…

It’s not hard to see why Julia was chosen: not only is she a dedicated student, who has returned to education to study both GCSEs, and now Adult Nursing at university, but she’s a passionate, dedicated mum too, with one of her children, Tyler, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and Autism. Successfully finding the balance between her personal life and education has meant that Julia has been able to help Tyler stay in a mainstream school, which has led him to enrol at college to study plumbing. Furthermore, the time and effort she put in to helping her son improve his speech and communication has meant that their occupational therapist has managed to take Julia’s successful technique, and use it as a guide for other parents to follow and use.

Upon being asked about being named the winner of the most deserving student, Julia had this to say about the whole experience: “I felt very overwhelmed just having been nominated by Gillian. When she finally told me, I was already one of the chosen 5 finalists. Winning the competition means so much. The car will improve my commuting needs, but also, just having been voted the ‘Most Deserving Student’ is a huge reward in itself – the recognition of how my life has been is the best reward ever!”


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