The Daily Mail are smitten with David Cameron’s plans to go ahead in blocking pornography websites from UK homes unless bill payers opt out, despite much controversy surrounding the issue.

In fact, the folks at Daily Mail were so happy, they accompanied the article about the porn blocking success with several stories in the side bar of barely clothed, attractive celebrities falling out of their bikinis, or exposing a bum cheek on the beach. How beautifully hypocritical and delightfully ironic of them.

In addition to the plans to block pornographic websites, David Cameron also proposed providing pop-ups with helpline numbers when an individual searches for inappropriate material and also to make pornography which simulates rape illegal, which is currently the case in Scotland.

…admit you’re a dirty creep who likes watching a bit of filth…

As much as we agree with Cameron in that the new plans will minimise the risk of children being exposed to such material – is this the only option we have? Is it not partly down to parents to monitor what their children are up to when they’re surfing the vast and unpredictable World Wide Web? The opt-out process, like ticking a box to admit you’re a dirty creep who likes watching a bit of filth, is embarrassing and condescending. Think of David Cameron as your dad, watching over your shoulder whilst you anxiously type some key words into Google.

Okay, so we wholeheartedly agree that pornography should not be accessible through public Wi-Fi hotspots and search engines should without a doubt ban searches regarding anything to do with child abuse, but the whole ‘restricting content for everyone unless you request otherwise’ thing is too much.

…a huge crack down on child pornography…

Encouraging parents to be more vigilant in regards to what their children are doing online or launching a huge crack down on child pornography should be the main priorities…shouldn’t they? Are we too British to say, ‘No, we want the right to do whatever we want on the Internet!’ and simply allow the new plans to come into actions without protest?

So, what can we expect in the near future? Well, everyone with a Wi-Fi router in their home will be contacted by their provider and asked whether family friendly filters should be turned on or off and those just purchasing access to the Internet in their home will automatically be given restricted access unless they state otherwise. How very Big Brother of you, Mr Cameron.

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