As we begin to shake off the summer holiday blues and head back to university, or start our first year for that matter, some good news has emerged this week– our universities are bloody brilliant. In fact, so much so, that out of the twenty top universities in the world, the UK is home to six of them.

First of all, let’s just go over who made the list. At number three, it’s Cambridge, with the University College London and the Imperial College London coming in not far behind in fourth and fifth place. After that, Oxford comes in at number six and then the University of Edinburgh is the next UK uni on the list at number seventeen. Making it to number nineteen on the list is King’s College London. Not too shabby, UK!

The QS World University Rankings put the league table together, and Ben Sowter, head of research there said potential employers are impressed by ‘the prestige of a UK degree.’ In addition to this, in the extended list of 100 top universities, eighteen universities appear and graduates from Oxford and Cambridge were deemed to be the world’s most employable.

…a huge accolade for the Glasgow based school…

If you aren’t attending any of these prestigious schools, there are still many more across the UK enjoying tremendous praise from within the world of further education. Up north, Strathclyde was awarded University of the Year award at the Times University Awards, a huge accolade for the Glasgow based school. Further south, the University of Brighton scored highest in the National Student Survey when nearly 90% of students said they would recommend the school as a great place to study.

Universities across the country are celebrated for different things, whether they have state of the art learning centres or the best rates of graduate employment, and if you’re planning on attending college in 2014, it’s worthwhile doing your research to find out what universities will suit your needs. As a graduate of a university which doesn’t appear on the list, I can still confirm that my home for four years, Glasgow Caledonian, has enjoyed it’s own awards and accolades. It’s therefore important to mention that you shouldn’t be put off if your prospective university doesn’t appear on the list either. All you need to know is that the course you’re planning on doing is amazing; the school has great learning resources and an excellent standard of education. Just because you’re not going to the world’s third best university doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, and if you are – enjoy the prestige!

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