So it’s happened.

The hours of studying and suspenseful waiting is over. For some students, they know exactly where they are going to university. But what happens if you don’t? Or didn’t get the grades you needed? Well luckily there is a time called clearing and it’s happening right now.

Clearing is when students who haven’t got a confirmed university place get one. This can be for a lot of different reasons. Perhaps you didn’t get any offers (this happens more than you think), you applied too late for your chosen course, you got lower or higher grades than expected, or you simply want to change the choices you made. Whatever the reason there is plenty of time to sort out your future in further education.

…check that your results have been updated…

UCAS deals with clearing and the best thing you can do is log onto their site and check that your results have been updated. When this has happened you will get a status informing you that you are in clearing. From here you can contact an adviser and talk though your options or you can dive straight in and start applying for new courses.

The main thing to remember is that there are thousands of students trying to get through to clearing. Be polite to the people who are answering the phones as they are doing their best, but have to speak to hundreds of worried students. A good friend of mine works for a London university and at this time of year dreads clearing. Her Facebook feed at the moment consists of posts along the lines of “psyching myself up” and “one student just shouted at me”.

…doesn’t need to be painful…

Clearing doesn’t need to be painful and several of my good friends made better choices by not getting into their original choices.

Check out this worthwhile video from Greenwich university:



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