TV hard man and documentary maker Ross Kemp has accused Boris Johnson of lying to Londoners about the £45 million budget cut to the fire service, which will result in station closures as well as the loss of jobs and fire engines. 

After joining the campaign to save ten London fire stations from closing down, Ross Kemp argued that the Mayor is lying about the knock on effects cutting the budget will have on emergency response times for the four million people who live in the city.

‘Every Second Counts’, a powerful documentary released by the London Fire Brigade Union, reveals just how the proposed cuts will dramatically affect the amount of time it will take for fire services to get to the scene of emergencies. The video is available to watch here: 



“Fire fighters are there to save lives,” Kemp says in the documentary, “if there is a car, train or helicopter crash, if there is a chemical spillage, or a terrorist attack – and of course, if there is a fire. In the time between the 999 call and the fire brigade arriving, every second counts.”

According to Ross Kemp, Boris Johnson misled the people of London in three statements he made about fire station closures and also plans to cut 580 front line fire service jobs. In an official statement, Ross Kemp said that, ““London is not safe in Boris Johnson’s hands.  Like all Londoners, I am angry about these cuts. Boris cannot seriously tell us that closing fire stations won’t put people’s lives at risk. Before Boris Johnson was re-elected in 2012 he promised there would be ‘absolutely no reduction in fire cover’ if he won and within a few months, without any shame, he announced the cuts.”

…tries to use his jokey style to avoid the fact that fire and rescue services will get to emergencies more slowly in the future…

London Fire Brigade Regional Secretary, Paul Embery agreed with Mr Kemp and added, “Ross’s film will be very uncomfortable viewing for Boris Johnson.  We are asking everyone who is angry and worried about the fire station closures to get involved in our campaign and sign the petitions against the closures.  The Mayor tries to use his jokey style to avoid the fact that fire and rescue services will get to emergencies more slowly in the future because of his cuts. He claims that fire deaths are ‘steadily’ declining and that more parts of London will get a Fire Brigade response within the target attendance times, but both of these claims are untrue.“

If you feel strongly about the planned cuts to the fire service budget and closures of stations, you can sign the petition on the Government’s e-petition site. With nearly 4,000 signatures already, things are looking good for action to be taken. In addition to the petition being found on the Government’s site, you can also find it on 38 Degrees at, along with further information about the campaign. The 38 Degrees petition has already received an amazing 8,697 signatures.

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