The Royal baby has barely been in the world a couple of days and already, people around the globe have begun to predict what the future holds for the third in line to the throne.

It’s safe to say that the Royal family and its place in modern day Britain is changing. Long gone are the days when the King or Queen made important decisions for the country or had a large hand in the decision making process regarding who we go to war with without the government’s ultimate control.

Now, although still Head of the Church of England and Head of the Armed Forces, the Queen is arguably more of an important figure head, a representative of the country and an important mascot for Great Britain. Whether you’re pro-Royals or not, people love them and what bring to the country. People flock to the streets when there is a Royal wedding, coronation, birth (or death) and for the most part, the news stories that follow are positive, heart warming and make a stark change from normal news bulletins about murders, muggings and the economy.

…rock the British monarchy as we know it…

We all watched with baited breath as William successfully secured Prince George into his car seat and drove his family away from the hospital – like any other dad would. Although Kate and Wills may spend a lot of their time living in the stunningly opulent Kensington Palace, do they crave a degree of normality and modesty that will rock the British monarchy as we know it when they ultimately become King and Queen?

Maybe that’s what Britain needs: a modern, hands on and down-to-earth King who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, who wants to get stuck in and do his bit for the country. It’s blatantly obvious that Kate and William aren’t the type to use their role simply to attend events, politely smile and shake hands. William alone is used to hard work, and has had a relatively normal adult life, given the fact he’s second in line to the throne. He’s done the normal student-y stuff including attending university, living in student accommodation and enjoying a gap year where he travelled to he likes of Kenya, Chile and Tanzania.

…modern and relatable Royal Family…

So does Georges arrival mark a distinct change in how the new, modern and relatable Royal Family will operate in Britain by the time it’s William’s turn to take the throne?

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