A few weeks ago, we saw some of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains make grovelling apologies after complaints flooded in about a distasteful ‘mental patient’ costume, and this week Amazon have been forced to remove…wait for it – a zombie Jimmy Savile costume complete with blingy jewellery and tracksuit.

Okay, so some of you reading might be thinking that those who are offended by these costumes are too sensitive or are generally lacking a sense of humour, but we trawled the web for other costumes causing a stir, and it didn’t take long before we found more. Amongst the endless Miley Cyrus costumes, we were able to find Osama Bin Laden outfits, pregnant schoolgirl costumes complete with prosthetic baby bump and a variety of suicide bomber costumes. We also came across Hitler costumes for children; life sized used sanitary outfits and completely inappropriate priest costumes that any sane person would not want to wear on a night out for their own personal safety.

Gregor, a 22-year-old media student told us about his offensive Halloween costume experience. “This year one of my friends considered dressing up as Madeline McCann for a laugh.” Gregor explained, “We had to tell him we wouldn’t be going out on the town if he was dressed up like that – it was just too far and he could get himself into a lot of trouble with other Halloween revellers who could be offended by that kind of costume. He decided against it in the end because it was just toeing the line as to what’s funny and what is just offensive.”

…girls dress up as slutty Little Bo Peep, sexy nuns and I’ve even seen a costume online this year called ‘Anna Rexia’…

Jimmy Savile Halloween Costume23-year-old biology student Laura told us it’s the slutty costumes that she has a problem with come October the 31st. “I just find it really degrading when girls think that Halloween is the night to wear absolutely nothing in order to get the attention of lads. I’ve seen girls dress up as slutty Little Bo Peep, sexy nuns and I’ve even seen a costume online this year called ‘Anna Rexia’ where it’s essentially a tiny dress with a skeleton on it. I really don’t think it’s the kind of message you would want to send to young girls and completely belittles what is a really serious mental illness. You can still have an amazing Halloween costume that’s original, but still allows you to keep some of your dignity.”

Paul however, a 22-year-old construction graduate, says that he thinks it’s all part of the Halloween celebrations and people need to relax when it comes to risky costumes. “People always have and always will want to push the boundaries when it comes to Halloween costumes. I guarantee if you’re out this Halloween you will see endless Jimmy Savile costumes – it’s a given. I think people just need to chill out and accept that it’s only a bit of fun.”

…the ‘Halloween-Gate’ drama surrounding that mental patient costume pulled off the shelves…

Whilst, if offensive is your style this Halloween, nothing is to stop you creating your costumes from scratch in the comfort of your own home, more and more retailers are pulling the offensive costumes from their stores. Following the ‘Halloween-Gate’ drama surrounding that mental patient costume pulled off the shelves by Asda and Tesco, the supermarket chains responded by donating large sums of money to mental health charities and issuing formal apologies. In September, a spokesperson for Tesco said, “We are really sorry for any offence caused and we are removing this product from sale.”

If we could offer you any advice this Halloween apart from the obligatory ‘stay safe’ lecture, it would be to carefully consider what you choose to throw on before you hit the town. Although you and your mates might think it would be hilarious to dress up as a terrorist bomber, other partygoers might not find it so funny and you could risk ruining a night out because of it.

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