Kind-hearted students who vacated their student halls at Brighton University this summer have helped donate over 400 bags of useful items to the homeless. The items, which include crockery, clothing, electrical and even a bike, will either be sold to other students to raise money for homeless charities or given directly to homeless shelters.

The Varley Park university halls in Brighton has done an excellent job with the new Freshers doing their bit for the ‘Reuse Project’ as well, with plans to help reduce waste around campus. The ‘Reuse Project’ is part of a bigger plan to increase sustainability, and the university has already seen some excellent results. This year alone, waste in just one student residence was reduced by an incredible 25,000 litres. Good work Brighton!

According to David Hicks, Brighton University’s Deputy Head of Accommodation and Hospitality, “The Reuse Project has been a huge success in its first year. It has reduced waste considerably and provided access to affordable second-hand items to in-coming students, and this has raised money for a fantastic local cause.”

…what are other universities around the country doing to reduce waste and help the environment?…

With Brighton Uni bringing in the ‘Reuse Project’ as an annual initiative, what are other universities around the country doing to reduce waste and help the environment? Loughborough University has seen a dramatic increase in waste being recycled, with 72% of waste being recycled in 2011/2012 compared with 56% in 2010/2012. Glamorgan, Northumbria, Leeds and Southampton University have also made excellent headway when it comes to recycling and reusing on campus.

If you are part of a university student association and you are looking for ways to recycle or reuse more efficiently, you can get more information at or check out As for hooking up with charities like Brighton did with local homeless organisations, you can search for some excellent charities to help out with at The website gives an extensive list of UK charities and also gives some new and interesting ideas about how you can go about donating to charity on a large scale. 

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